These Babysitters’ Photoshopped Updates Will Make You Fear For Your Kids’ Lives

After getting an “extensive briefing” on babysitting their friend’s 6-month-old, one Swiss couple decided to get creative with their hourly updates, and used Photoshop to turn them into some seriously harrowing “Adventures in Babysitting.”

“It was our first time to look after him for a full day and night,” Hannes told BuzzFeed of he and his fiancee Erica’s babysitting experience. The couple, who are both designers, worked through their anxiety by embellishing a few photos of baby Alex to send to his father and partner, who were away at a wedding.

“But he survived, giggled a lot was looked after the entire time by the two of us and went to bed at 7:30 p.m. perfectly happy,” Hannes wrote on Reddit, where the couple posted the photos. “And we will show him these pics in maybe 10 years or so and say: ‘Young man, we had an awesome time together that day.’”

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