America’s 9 Hottest College Professors

Choosing a college should really come down to the academics and lifestyle involved. After all, it is an institution designed to educate and foster a sense of place in any student’s mind.

Choosing professors is no different. Each student should carefully select a professor based, most importantly, on whether that person can teach the material and is going to be interesting to listen to for a good 40 to 50 hours in total.

But everybody loves a little eye candy. Here, then, are 9 college professors sure to get even the slouchiest students to class (and maybe even get them to study).



Starting our list off is Laura Aull, a beauty who teaches a first-year writing course at Wake Forest University. Students in many courses skip out on several classes until test day. The Daily Caller highly doubts this happens to students lucky enough to be registered in Aull’s courses.


The University of Alabama is known for its beautiful coeds, but the heat doesn’t stop there. Jane Stuart Baker teaches communications courses and, well, look at her. She has also written numerous books on the topics of organizational diversity and crisis-management rhetoric. Most people probably don’t know what any of that means, but that’s not really important. Focus, people!

(Photo: Erin Bronchetti/Swarthmore College/Economics Department/Faculty Profiles)

It’s too bad for students at Swarthmore College. Erin Bronchetti won’t be gracing the liberal arts bastion with her presence this year because she is on academic leave. Students hoping to take her introductory economics class will have to look elsewhere — somewhere uglier and stodgier. It’s sad. Obviously, there’s a huge demand for her.

Kelly Forsythe

Kelly Forsythe of University of Maryland, College Park has it. She teaches composition and rhetoric, and with a look like that, we’d be writing her love letters in no time.