Poker Player Isn’t The Slightest Bit Amped About Winning $15 Million

Hey, man. You just won $15.3 million. How do you react? Jumping up and down frantically? Thanking your family for everything? Grabbing one of the tableside Vegas girls and smooching her?

Not if you’re Daniel Colman. He doesn’t care. $15.3 million must be chump change to this guy. Not even a smile. Just the most “meh” look in the world. Probably took a nap immediately after the camera shut off.

“Yeah, it’s a pile of money, but it could be better,” he thinks as I sit and decide between Ramen or a turkey sandwich. What’s it take to get this guy amped? Probably $15.4 million. That $100,000 makes all the difference. Everybody knows that. $15.3 million is for peasants.

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