Kim Kardashian Can Withstand ‘Weeks’ Without Taking Selfies

Kaitlan Collins | White House Correspondent

Kim Kardashian, truly an inspiration to the human race, has proved her mental fortitude once again. She can go “weeks” without taking a selfie. “Weeks.”

Kim Kardashian, who is publishing an entire book (352 pages, to be exact) of selfies, said in a recent interview with the AP that she can make it 14 days with no selfies. (RELATED: Kim Kardashian Let Andy Cohen Take A Selfie With Her Butt)

“I go weeks without taking them. It depends. If I have good hair and makeup, I’m in the mood. If I wake up and it’s a cute … it just depends. But there have been times where I’ve gone weeks without taking selfies.”

As the logical thing to do after such an outageous claim, TheDC investigates.

Here, Kim took a selfie on Aug. 10.

Just five days prior on Aug. 5, she took one with sister Kylie. Not a week.

Then, on Aug. 2, she posted this selfie with Kanye West and captioned it, “Side chicks be like….” which still makes no sense.

You’ll never imagine what she did three days before that. Took another selfie.

I’m starting to doubt Kim now. She seemed so trustworthy.

But then, scrolling through her Instagram, there are no selfies. For days. Then a week. Then 12 days prior, there it was.

Kim, you were so close! So close.

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