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Media Behaving Badly? 

“It seems a lot of people, including press from out of town, are behaving badly in Ferguson.” — RedState‘s Erick Erickson.


“Ferguson police force has 53 members, and three of them are black.” — Laura Rozen, Al-Monitor.

The Observer

“It’s almost as if excessive force is an unwise response to protests against excessive force.” — HuffPost‘s Arthur Delaney.

And this…

“I don’t even know how to feel anymore. All week everything hurts and makes me cry. #Ferguson.” — Danielle Belton, creator of Black Snob blog, editor-at-large, Clutch Magazine.

And this…

“This cop seemed to take pleasure in the way he treated me. Hope to prevent others from being subjected to his abuse.” — Ryan J. Reilly, HuffPost.

Arrested journo suggest pundits do their jobs

“Talking heads: if you want to ask theoretical questions/speculate about what I did/should of done, feel free to call me first #journalism.” — WaPo‘s Wesley Lowery. Additionally: “You have ‘questions’ about arrests and scene in the McDonalds, @DLoesch & @JoeNBC? Then call me and ask em. I’m not hard to find.”

The facts from the horses’ mouths 

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