Who’s Hotter? Mila Kunis Vs. Halle Berry [SLIDESHOW]

It’s both of these brunette babes’ birthday, so we’re here to ask the important question: Who is hotter?

(Hint: we think it’s going to be a tie)

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  • This is VERY close. (Photo: Tumblr)
  • Ok, Mila could definitely be hotter. (Photo: Tumblr)
  • Is Halle Berry really turning 48? (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Mila is red hot. (Photo: Getty Images)
  • She is basically in her birthday suit. (Photo: Tumblr)
  • Oh My Halle Berry. (Photo: Tumblr)
  • Halle Berry's body is lethal. (Photo: Tumblr)
  • Ok this could definitely be a tie. (Photo: Tumblr)