Woman Arrested For Having Sex With A Chair

Seth Richardson | Contributor

A drunken woman in Seattle wandered nude into a family’s yard and began having sex with a chair, according to KOMO news. The woman was “extremely intoxicated,” which doesn’t come as a surprise because chair sex.

The 33-year-old staggered onto the lawn, hiked up her dress and just went at those sexy, sexy chairs. There were no reports of if it was with a single chair or a group thing.

But that’s not all. After banging the chair, the woman urinated on the lawn and exposed her genitalia and butt to the family. Police were called and she was arrested for indecent exposure. Public nudity is not illegal in Seattle, ladies, but once a person begins fornicating with a chair it becomes a crime.

Sexually engaging with inanimate objects seems to be a growing trend. Police in Walpole, Mass. arrested high school teacher Mark Mertz in January for having sex with a mailbox multiple times. It was probably their anniversary. (RELATED: High school teacher arrested for dry humping his mailbox in the nude)

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