Where To Find America’s HOTTEST College Students



University of Georgia/Getty ImagesBig Southern state schools are bastions for drop-dead gorgeous students, but the University of Georgia is the South’s hub for irresistible co-eds and hunky fellas. Bulldogs may be so ugly  they are cute, but the students at UGA are just amazing to look at, pure and simple. Athens is also an amazing town. Come down and see.

Bucknell University/Youtube screenshot: DG MemberPennsylvania is populated with a hell of a lot more than just Amish farmers and manic Philadelphia fans and Bucknell University is teeming with scorching hot students. Sure, they’re nerds, because Bucknell is such a good school. Bucknell students are both attractive and smart. You better hit the books before you hit on them.

UCLA/Getty Images The University of California, Los Angeles in beautiful Westwood is home to dedicated students who work hard, play hard and look good. Starlets in Beverly Hills have nothing on the hotties at UCLA, though they are probably not nearly as academically accomplished or interesting.

Duke University/ Youtube Screenshot:Zeta Tau Alpha Undergrads at Duke University are so enchanting they’ll have you worshipping the Blue Devils even if you hate Duke basketball. These students are hot, smart and even good at sports. In fact, Duke students are so hot, the students have been known to become porn stars. (RELATED: Duke Student Earns Quick Cash For School By Becoming Porn Starlet)

YouTube screenshot I'm Schmacked MiamiThis list wouldn’t be complete without a Florida school, and the University of Miami has just enough hotties to make the cut. The private university shrouded in palm trees attracts good-looking students from around the country. The incentive of having hot beach bodies year-round keeps in wonderful competition for hotness.

YouTube screenshot SonicareSiliconCoverThe Sun Devil is a fitting mascot for the students who attend Arizona State University. The surrounding city of Tempe might have a scorching dry heat, but that just means fewer clothes. (RELATED: Which Arizona Sorority Has The Hottest Tumblr Feed? [PHOTOS])


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