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Daily Kos Issues Surprising Attack On CNN’s Jake Tapper

Markos Moulitsas, founder of the liberal Daily Kos, really dug himself a hole today when he attacked CNN’s Jake Tapper for agreeing to a ride along with Captain Ron Johnson in Ferguson. Johnson made the offer to Tapper and CNN’s Don Lemon late Monday night on air. But today he reneged on the idea.

This is when things grew explosive. Markos decided that Tapper wanting to also see things from the police perspective was somehow an awful idea.

Jake usually responds more forcefully to far less than this. But today he said simply, “@markos he invited me on camera last night to do so, amidst critical questioning. Ppl were asking about it.”

This is when others pounced.

Politico media reporter Dylan Byers verbally decked Moulitsas from a couple angles.

“Nice, Markos,” he wrote. “Tapper spends all night in field with protesters and wants to get cop perspective too and this is yr take.”

Markos snapped back, “The cop perspective? You really think we haven’t gotten the cop perspective?”

Dylan had only one more conclusion to draw. “I think, Markos, this is why you’re not a boots-on-the-ground reporter,” he wrote.

Breitbart News “Texas” Bureau Chief Brandon Darby was maybe being sarcastic in his reaction. But one never knows with Darby. “Who is @markos?” he wrote. “Never heard of the guy.”

One follower seemed to sum up everything up nicely. “Go home Markos,” wrote Mark Walker. “You’re drunk.”