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Thank You For Sharing: Reader Calls Me ‘Morinic’

Not only does the Philly-based “Scotty Burberry” — not likely related to the upscale clothing brand — really let me have it last night while amid a roving circle jerk and sucking up to the likes of MSNBC’s Chris Hayes (who’s really good at Ferguson coverage)* and The Daily Banter‘s ever thriving Tommy Christopher.

This morning he wrote me personally on Twitter to say: 

“Betsy, take your morinic, obsessive ass out of my timeline. You’re mentally ill.”

Come on, Scotty. “Morinic?” Fine, insult me. But at least spell your insult right. And by the way, I’m not in your timeline. But–headscratcher–you did put yourself in mine.

*Shorter Chris Hayes coverage from last night: ‘BOOM! POP! ANOTHER PUFF OF SMOKE. WERE THOSE GUN SHOTS? I HAVE NO IDEA.’