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WaPo’s Wesley Lowery Denies His Presence Is Inflaming Protestors

WaPo‘s Wesley Lowery is nothing if not self-aware about his coverage in Ferguson and place within Washington’s hardcore competitive media. Last week he was “arrested” (i.e. detained for 45 minutes, cuffed in plastic and shoved up against a soda machine) in a McDonalds there. He lashes out indiscriminately at journalists he thinks are beneath him. He even told a hospital chaplain that he should head to Ferguson instead of giving him crap on Twitter. Despite Missouri Highway Control Capt. Ron Johnson‘s serious and stern complaints about the media last night, Lowery also denies that his media presence in Ferguson in any way contributes to the explosive situation.

Interesting — the police blame the media, the media blame the police.

Here, a brief Twitter exchange that shows you Lowery’s mindset on the subject.

LOWERY: “Agree w/@jaketapper: some of anger in Ferguson spurred by militarized/aggressive police during times of peace.”

TED (A FOLLOWER): “Seems like a lot of anger was sparked by your guys presence?”


TED: “That anger must have been reserved for Chris Hayes only then, my bad.” [FYI: Hayes had rocks thrown at him last night amid live coverage.]