North Korea Used A Harsh Insult Toward John Kerry

The North Korean government unleashed a barrage of insults towards leaders in Washington D.C. and Seoul, South Korea, the Associated Press reports. A policy spokesman for the North Korea defense commission referred to U.S. President Barack Obama as a “monkey” and South Korea President Park Geun-hye as a “prostitute.”

But North Korea saved its most lethal insult for Secretary of State John Kerry.

Kerry was called a “wolf donning the mask of sheep” with a “hideous lantern jaw.” Ouch.

The remarks appeared in a Korean-language dispatch, which according to AP, suggests the harsh language was just supposed to stir up anti-U.S. sentiment.

North Korea criticized the U.S. and South Korea for conducting joint military drills, which the U.S. claims are for defensive purposes, and called John Kerry a “hypocrite” for lambasting North Korea’s human rights record and their weapons.

“His behavior fully revealed once again the U.S. inveterate nature as a hypocrite who has deceived and mocked mankind with all sorts of gimmicks,” the unidentified spokesman said in a statement obtained by the AP.

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