Tuesday Night’s Protests In Ferguson Start Calm, Then Turn Chaotic

In a later press conference, Johnson later said police had made 47 arrests — up from 31 during Monday night’s violent protests.

While the number of arrests was higher, Johnson said the overall peacefulness of the night was a step forward in the healing process of the community.

“I believe there was a turning point made, and I think that turning point was made by the clergy, the activists, the volunteers and the men and women of law enforcement who partnered together to make a difference,” Johnson said. “But also those citizens who took heed to what we talked about last night: Not allowing the criminals that mask themselves in a peaceful protest. They protested early and they went home early and allowed us a better look at those criminals and agitators that are roaming the street of Florissant for their own agenda.”

Johnson also noted that police stopped a vehicle because the driver was making threats to kill police officers. When officers pulled the car over, they confiscated two handguns and arrested the individuals in the vehicle. Another traffic stop yielded another handgun in a separate incident.

Community organizers said they now intend to move the protests to outside the Buzz Westfall Justice Center — in Clayton, Mo. — where embroiled prosecutor Bob McCulloch’s office is located and where a grand jury investigation into the shooting death of Michael Brown convenes tomorrow.

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