Hank The Dog Met Hank Aaron Yesterday, Is Still The MVP [VIDEO]

Al Weaver | Reporter

Hank the dog is having one hell of a year.

Who goes from being a stray pup that was (possibly) run over by a vehicle to an unofficial mascot for a Major League Baseball team? Why, of course, Hank the dog.

Hank (who’s had a season dogs would be barking up a storm for) met his namesake yesterday, Milwaukee icon Hank Aaron. Aaron was in town for an event supporting his Chasing the Dream Foundation.

Gawwwww. Isn’t that dog adorable! Who’s a good doggie?! Yessss, Hank, you’re a good doggie!

In honor of Hank the dog, here are some of his highlights during the season because, after all, Hank the dog is the best dog (many apologies Scarlet).

Hank thoroughly enjoyed Spring Training:

Even Jonathan Lucroy loves Hank!

Hank even got offered a contract. Surely, he must have wanted some assurances upfront…


….Like a dog house. That’s easily the penthouse for pups. Not debatable.

Hell, Hank even went to the beach!

Hank’s highlight of the year? Undoubtedly when he suited up as a hot dog and competed in the sausage race during Spring Training.


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