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If You’re A Native American Who Supports The Washington Redskins, Does That Make You An Uncle Tom-Tom?

It’s probably racist to ask that, so never mind. Just watch these Native American race-traitors as they pass up a prime opportunity to call white people racists:

To register your outrage that these Native Americans are being allowed to express their lack of outrage, to go redskinsfacts.com.

This kind of stuff is why I alway get bored when I hear about a certain “community.” The Hispanic “community. The black “community.” The Native American “community.” The LGBT “community.”

There’s no such thing! There’s a collection of individuals with similar traits. Yes, some of them have a lot in common, but that doesn’t mean they all think the same say. When you try to appeal to this voting bloc or that voting bloc, you’re ignoring the most thing about them: their minds.

Maybe if we stopped treating people like boxes to be checked on yet another stupid form, we might start getting somewhere.

Ha ha, just kidding! Our national racial obsession isn’t going away anytime soon. But it can’t hurt to dream…

(Hat tip: Norvell Rose, Western Journalism)