Kids Loses Musical Chairs, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Gives Him $100 Bill

Floyd Mayweather Jr. may only be partially literate, but the 37-year-old championship boxer proved once again he is drowning in money and probably doesn’t care about reading or writing or any of those useless skills.

Page Six reports that he was in Las Vegas at the Ball Up Streetball Championship game Saturday, and when a young boy lost a game of musical chairs to another child, Mayweather stepped in to console the crying boy like any clever adult would: he gave him a $100 bill.

In response, the crowd clapped and gave the boxer a well-deserved “awwww.”

Rapper 50 Cent mocked Mayweather last week when he altered the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and said if he could “read one full page of a Harry Potter book” 50 Cent would donate $750,000 to the charity of the boxer’s choice. 50 Cent then demoralized him even more by saying he would donate the money if Mayweather would be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and read Dr. Seuss’ children’s book “The Cat in the Hat.” (RELATED: 50 Cent Mocks Mayweather With ALS Ice Bucket Challenge)

Mayweather responded to that with posting pictures of his paycheck, which will likely shut 50 Cent up.