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With All The Other Problems In The World, The Internet Is Still Keeping Taylor Swift Honest

Taylor Swift seems like a pleasant enough young lady, although I’m sure I could name more of her ex-boyfriends than the titles of her songs.

I don’t really feel like caring about anything right now, so instead, here’s a clip from Ms. Swift’s performance at last night’s MTV We Still Exist Awards. Ms. Swift’s vocals are isolated so that you can hear what they sound like without all the usual studio flimflammery:


I dunno. I was given to expect a complete disaster, but she sounded okay to me. Better than I could’ve even sang it. And there’s no way I could’ve fit in that outfit, unless I wore it as a headband.

Leave Taylor Swift alone, you silly geese.

And before you yell at me: I got this topic from Deadspin, which is supposed to be about sports. So yell at them.