Justin Bieber Causes Wreck, Compares Himself To Princess Diana

Kaitlan Collins | White House Correspondent

Remember when Justin Bieber lunged at someone inside a Dave & Buster’s for taking a picture?

No way he could do two incredibly stupid things in one week, right? Wrong.

Tuesday, in the miserable world that is Justin Bieber, he caused someone to hit him, and then compared his wreck to Princess Diana’s. (RELATED: Bieber Bribed Border Officials)

The 20-year-old Canadian was driving his red Ferrari in West Hollywood when he slammed on his brakes and caused the paparazzi driving a Toyota Prius behind him to rear end him. Neither party was injured, and the only damage to his car was this tiny little scratch.

(Photo: Splash News)

(Photo: Splash News)

But, Bieber being Bieber, made it worse.

Maybe Bieber doesn’t remember how Princess Diana died because he was a mere three years old. Maybe it’s because he’s an idiot. Here is his reminder: Princess Diana of Wales died in a tragic wreck in 1997. Though the wreck was initially blamed on the paparazzi following the Mercedes Benz she was in, it was later attributed to her driver being under the influence.

And since when are Prius drivers more reckless than Ferrari ones, especially ones named Bieber? (RELATED: State Of Florida Drops Bieber’s DUI)


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