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ABC Scandal alert 

“Whoa!!!!!! My head is spinning! We just had an INSANE table read for Ep 304. COMPLETELY. IN. SANE.@ScandalWriters are NOT PLAYING. Whoa.” — Actress Kerry Washington.

Yeah, damn!

“Damn, the things I want to tweet and don’t.”WaPo magazine editor/writer Joe Heim

Greta tips her hat to Diane Sawyer

“Diane Sawyer has now left the ABC News anchor desk and I want to tip my hat to her and thank her.  She has done so much for women by being a great example. I know she has not gone away and we will still see her – just not at the anchor desk.” — FNC’s Greta Van Susteren on her Gretawire blog.

See Sawyer’s swan song appearance here.

“I will also say I almost never recline in coach airline seats because I believe it makes you a bad person. But I will let you do it. Reclining a coach airline seats is like talking on a cell phone in public. You can do it. But you shouldn’t.” — Politico’s Ben White.

Turner broadcasting cuts could mean 1500 jobs… See here. Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution: “A person with direct knowledge of the situation said Tuesday.” Another great line: “Asked about the figure, Turner spokesman Jeff Matteson said the company ‘does not comment on rumors and speculation.'”

Bossy Roseanne Barr 

“Read my TL or stfu” — the former presidential hopeful.

This is just embarrassing for Gannett (or Gannet)…Read here.

TV anchor leaves clerk hanging in fist bump encounter

Don Teague is an evening news anchor on Fox 26 in Houston. This is from his Facebook page. 

“I accidentally let a fist bump hang today and I feel kinda bad about it. I was at CVS buying makeup remover…yeah, yeah, I know…anyway the guy at the register was like ‘hey, you’re on the news’ and I said, ‘yeah, on Fox.’

“So, I kinda push my stuff over toward the cash register, and he starts ringing it up with one hand…then I realize he’s got his other hand pointed at me in the universal “need a fist bump” position. But it was weird…he’s not looking at me or anything…just ringing stuff up, and right when I figure out I’m supposed to give him the “yeah, I’m that guy on TV fist bump” he puts his fist down.

“Admittedly…I’m not really a fist bump kind of guy… my go-to move in awkward social situations isn’t a fist bump…but I wouldn’t just leave someone hanging like that on purpose. At least it wasn’t a high five.”

Ferguson McDonald’s Watch 

“#Ferguson McDonald’s hired two of nearby Kinloch’s six officers to guard store the first night they’ve stayed open.” — HuffPost‘s Ryan J. Reilly.

Congressman has no bank account? 

“According to his financial disclosure, Mike McCaul [R-Texas] doesn’t even have a bank account with $1,000 in it.” — Matt Fuller, Roll Call.

A request for a D.C. astrologer 

“I want to go to a LEGIT astrologer in DC area. Any recommends?” — publicist Jessica Hoy. Any recs, send to me at [email protected] and I’ll get them to Jessica. After receiving the suggestion of “Miss Natalie” in Georgetown, she had one stipulation: “Full disclosure: I’m not going to anyone with ‘Miss’ in their title.”


TV MOMMY AND DADDY? “I’m still trying to figure out this VF pic of Mika, @RonanFarrow and me.” — MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough. Funny enough, Scarborough also wrote: “@RonanFarrow I’m there for you, son. Obviously, so too is Mommy Mika.” Salon’s Simon Maloy: “I’m very uncomfortable right now.”