Broken Windows And Broken Liberal Philosophies In New York City

Mayor De Blasio ruined the subways for me and the streets for my wife. There is a “Bad Moon Rising,” as Creedence Clearwater Revival sang. There’s an atmosphere of crime and danger, a city in decay and a leadership style of moral cowardice.

In the last month I have had two occasions where punks on the subway cursed me out, trying to pick a fight. The quality of life has gone downhill. I am sixty-seven and could have beaten these kids up because I was a professional boxer. But I’d rather duck than fight because violence proliferates if it is not reasonably handled.

My wife was walking along Park Avenue and two thugs swerved over to her and said, “Where you going lady?” My wife, brave as she is, told them to drop dead and they somehow felt intimidated or whatever stupid people feel. She was lucky. The other day a woman was shot in the head by a pellet in Central Park.

Great cities and empires were not built on mealy-mouthed politicians resenting the success of their hard working people. American excellence has become a crime and the liberals have rewarded failure with food stamps, indignity, and arrogance.

Deluded utopians like De Blasio never understood Dr. Wilson’s and Kelling’s theory that broken windows that are not repaired lead to a failed society and a lack of social cohesion.

However, I think that Wilson’s theory has morphed so that our fear does not come from broken windows but from broken liberal philosophies. The mood of our city has become anti-police and pro criminal. There is a bad mood in the air. It comes from the top down. De Blasio has weakened New York, just as Obama has weakened us throughout the world. No one respects their red lines.

Can you imagine going golfing right after delivering a speech about a decapitation? It would be funny if it weren’t so arrogantly sad.

According to the New York Observer de Blasio said, “We’re going to keep people safe, and we’re going to create mutual respect between police and community, and we’re going to create fairness and consistency.”

So he supports Al Sharpton, who is always crying about police brutality and makes the relationship between the police and the public worse than ever. He wants Eric Garner’s death to taint the practices of the NYPD. He doesn’t consider that Garner was diabetic, humongously fat, and resisting arrest. And De Blasio thinks his remedial actions and his accusations are good for police-public relations.

Who knows how many deaths and crimes De Blasio will become inadvertently responsible for? All in the name of anti-racism. Yet our mayor is really anti-life and endangering the lives of our women, children and elderly so that he can garner the votes of the young. His anti-stop-and-frisk stance has caused more minority shootings.

De Blasio ended stop-and-frisk because he didn’t want minority criminals to have their feelings hurt. Yet this summer, his office released a statement reading in part, “Since the beginning of 2014, even as crime has dropped citywide, shootings in public housing developments have gone up by 31 percent.” Without stop and frisk, more people are getting shot in the projects, and fewer in middle class and rich neighborhoods.

But he has still permitted harassment and quality of life crimes to proliferate in the better neighborhoods. Hence my wife and myself being accosted by every bum in the neighborhood. Hence bag ladies taking dumps in front of the bus stop outside my luxury apartment building. Hence New York no longer being a hospitable tourist spot, no longer generating visitors’ dollars.

De Blasio wants to be popular. It’s a sickness of high school girls and politicians. Did he ever think of turning down the votes of societal failures rather than soliciting them by damning the police while supporting the criminals?