The Hottest Women On The Internet This Week [SLIDESHOW]

Summer’s almost over, but these beautiful women continue to bring the heat. See who melted the Internet this week with their figures and faces.

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  • Cameron Diaz turns 41 this week, and we are incredibly happy she was born. (Photo: Tumblr)
  • Rihanna and her bikini body have had a great summer. (Photo: Tumblr)
  • Was it Ariana Grande's VMA performance or her all leather outfit that got her searched? (Photo: Tumblr)
  • Shakira. Yes. (Photo: Tumblr)
  • Selena Gomez's only flaw? Justin Bieber. (Photo: Tumblr)
  • scarlett johansson
  • Did you even see Jennifer Lopez not wearing any clothes at the VMAs? (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Angelina Jolie married Brad Pitt this week. He is one lucky man. (Photo: Tumblr)
  • Beyonce's bejeweled bodysuit. That is all. (Photo: Tumblr)
  • Nicki Minaj almost had a wardrobe mishap at the VMAs. We wish. (Photo: Tumblr)