Obama Hides Steady Inflow Of Central American Migrants

The 2014 number of “unaccompanied children” is almost two-and-a-half times the 2013 inflow, which added up to 22,715 Central Americans.

But the number of border-crossing Central American “family units” has risen almost five-fold since 2013, when officials recorded roughly 12,000 Central American family groups during the same period.

Obama’s focus on the so-called “unaccompanied children” is part of the administration’s effort to minimize the political damage from the inflow.

His focus on “children” steers the establishment media’s to focus on the most sympathetic group, the “unaccompanied children.” It also helps progressives and ethnic lobbies ignore the impact of the inflow on their fellow Americans. The Hill, for example, reported the new data under a headline saying “Rate of child migrants at border declines for second month.”

Moreover, Obama’s spin downplays the fact that the vast majority of the “children” are teenagers who say they’re 15, 16 or 17, and likely would be part of the workforce — not school — in their home countries.

Also, the majority of the youths and kids are not “unaccompanied.” In fact, they’re accompanied up to the border by contracted coyotes, who hand them over to federal agencies for final delivery to their parents who are living illegally in the United States. Once the parents take custody of their children — Obama’s deputies don’t check to see if they are legal residents — the parents complete payment for the coyotes’ services.

Once the migrant adults file for asylum, they’re given permission to stay and work in the United States until their claims are accepted or rejected by an immigration-court judge.

However, the courts are clogged with claims, so some are being scheduled set to be heard in 2020, according to news reports. That’s federal permission for a multi-year stay in the United States, complete with access to Americans’ welfare, health and education programs.

In the meantime, American workers are paying the bill for Obama’s decision to accept the low-skilled migrants into American society.

The bill comes in the form of increased competition for jobs, increased government spending and problems for Americans kids who now share their classrooms with Central American kids who have little or no education.

Many “are illiterate in both English and Spanish [and] the odds of us getting them to pass a 10th grade math test are negligible,” Judith Flanagan Kennedy, the mayor of Lynn, Mass. told reporters Aug. 27. Lynn is a blue-collar town, whose residents tend to work for upper-income professionals and executives.


The financial cost of educating only 37,000 migrant kids will reach $761 million per year, according to a new study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

However, the total number of “unaccompanied” Central American migrant kids and youths who have crossed the border is far higher than 37,000.

CBO data suggests Obama has accepted 91,935 “unaccompanied” kids and youths since 2009. He’s also welcomed roughly 60,000 people in “family units,” of whom half are kids and youths. That adds another roughly 30,000 youths and boosts the total of kids and youths to roughly 120,000 in the migrant population of roughly 150,000.

But the costly and disruptive inflow is good news for some Americans.

The migrants are a bonanza for better-paid university-educated Americans, including social workers, journalists, teachers, ethnic advocates and immigration lawyers, who are paid to help explain, mitigate, exploit or accelerate the complexities and problems caused by the migrants’ arrival.

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