Rivers Revealed Her Thoughts On Death Just Weeks Ago: ‘I Believe In Reincarnation’

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In retrospect, the interview is eerie.

On July 28, just weeks before Joan Rivers died Thursday, the legendary comedian appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show, where she kibitzed with Stern about dying.

“Are you dying over there?” Stern asked after Rivers coughed.

“Well make it here if you do,” Stern’s long-time sidekick Robin Quivers interjected. 

Realizing how great the publicity would be if Rivers actually died on his couch, Stern implored Rivers to consider the possibility.

“Joan, I beg of you, die here,” Stern said.

Rivers saw potential in the idea to promote her new book.

“I’d do it if you put the book over my face,” she joked.

Stern and Quivers said it was a deal.

Later in the interview, Stern again brought the conversation back to Rivers’ mortality.

Asked if she believes in an afterlife, Rivers said “no.”

“I believe in reincarnation,” she said. “I think you come back.”

“I would like to come back – the old joke – as one of my dogs,” she added.

Rivers went on to say that if heaven does exist, she only wanted to see two people.

“The only one I want to see is a friend of mine, who is a gay guy, Tommy Corcoran … and my mother,” she said.

Thinking of what she would say to her mother, who passed away before Rivers achieved global fame, the comedian tested out her opening line:  ”Listen, do you know what’s happened?”

Stern ended his final interview with Rivers by saying he hoped she lives “1,000 more years.” Sadly, she didn’t make it even 100 more days.

WATCH: The Full Interview 

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