Oregon LEEDing The Way To Break The Timber Certification Monopoly

Because such a negligible percentage of Oregon’s forests are FSC-approved, it’s likely timber would have be shipped from out of state or even overseas, where FSC’s standards are more relaxed, which necessarily means a greater carbon footprint than local sourcing.

Environmentalists say they want to lessen carbon footprints. But the FSC-SFI anecdote suggests their goal is to simply punish those with ideological differences. Kiss the ring, or pay the price.

Oregon, which lays claim to fully one-tenth of the Pacific Northwest’s forests, doesn’t have to lose jobs because of a certification monopoly. And it doesn’t have to be beholden to Big Green’s whims. For taxpayers, it’s deeply encouraging that our elected officials and bureaucrats are finally realizing this too.

David Williams is the president of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance