Why Hillary Clinton Loves The Ex-Im Bank

Boeing also fared well. While the Rosavia state airline project never got off the ground, that didn’t stop Boeing from inking a $3.17 billion deal in May 2010 to sell aircraft to Rosavia’s would-be parent company, the state-owned corporation Russian Technologies. No doubt seeking to share their good fortune, Boeing donated, according to the Washington Post, $900,000 to a William J. Clinton Foundation project in Haiti just two months later.

Former President Clinton is very much a supporter of Ex-Im in his own right. During the reauthorization debate this summer, the former president said, “I’ve heard more ridiculous things said about the Ex-Im bank in the last six months than I have in my adult life.”

While both Clintons like to attack critics of the Ex-Im Bank, it is hard to ignore the Congressional Budget Office report that the bank costs the American taxpayers $200 million per year. Even more disturbing is the estimation that their deals with foreign airlines – like the kind Hillary Clinton encouraged in Russia – have actually cost more than 7,000 jobs at U.S.-based carriers.

Despite what Mrs. Clinton says in Little Rock, that’s not “ideology.” That’s evidence.

David Williams is president of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance