The Crony Connections Of The Ex-Im Bank’s Advisory Board

Indeed, both Howe and Ojeda have been vocal supporters of Ex-Im as well. The report quoted Ojeda as saying there was “no doubt” his business owed “no small part” of its success to the Bank. Mary Howe has previously defended the agency against charges of cronyism, telling a Chicago business publication, “It’s definitely not cronyism.”

It would appear that major qualifications for a seat on Ex-Im’s advisory committee involve taking the Bank’s taxpayer-backed funding, and singing its praises loud and clear. This is not what taxpayers should expect from a body meant to ensure the Bank remains an unbiased, independent steward of American tax dollars.

Between now and June 30, when their charter expires, Congress should keep a close eye on the Bank’s activities and those of the members of their advisory committee. It might be time we realized this is one government institution the republic can do without.

David Williams is president of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance