Obama’s Fmr Military Intelligence Chief: U.S. Terrorism Strategy ‘Clearly Not Working’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver | Reporter

President Barack Obama’s former Defense Intelligence Agency director Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn came out against the current U.S. strategy against terrorism across the board, saying it is “clearly not working,” adding that the U.S. needs a “much broader” strategy to combat.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Flynn also added that the other issue present is the administration’s inability to define the enemy, telling Chris Wallace that “you can’t defeat an enemy that you don’t admit exists.”

FLYNN: We have in front of us and the strategy we’ve had for over a decade, which is sort of this counterterrorism strategy, that is only a component of an overall strategy and I think that we have to do is recognize is that it is not working. The counterterrorism component works just fine to go after the high value targets and the key leaders, but we need a much broader strategy that recognizes that we’re facing not just this tactical problem of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but we’re facing a growing expanding threat around the world in some cases, particularly in the transregion of the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa. 

WALLACE: Are you saying that at this moment after all these years that we do not have a coherent strategy, full 360 degrees, to combat Islamic terrorism? 

FLYNN: I think I’m saying the strategy we’ve had is not working, It’s clearly not working. Just Look at the kinds of things we’re facing. In my world, what I have grown up to have to do is to define the enemy that we are facing. Like I said, if you can’t defeat an enemy that you don’t admit exists, and I think that we have to clearly define what the enemy is. That’s number one. I think the next thing is to clearly articulate a strategy that is broader than just counterterrorism, broader than just — and I hate to use those sort of military vernacular of air strikes, but I feel like we’re kind of like a football team with the quarterback at the huddle and the quarterback  says ready break and everybody is to step down the line and the team is to move together in a synchronized way to the goal line to win. I feel like we say ready break, all the players on the team going off into different stadiums playing different sports. We really don’t have an effective strategy that is coherent, that actually addresses the wider problem that is an ideology.

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