George Will: Obama Has ‘Pathological, Clinical’ Inability To Describe Terror

Conservative columnist George Will slammed President Barack Obama for not calling the Egyptian citizens murdered by ISIS “Christians,” saying on Fox News “Special Report” that he had a “pathological” and “clinical” inability to accurately describe things. (RELATED: White House Statement On Christians Beheaded By ISIS Doesn’t Mention That They’re Christians)

WILL: What they said is they were Egyptian citizens. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in the room where the White House semanticists meet every morning and figure out how they could possibly describe what happened without offending those who did it? I think the phrase they should come up with is ‘Non-Islamic Randomness.’ That would explain just about everything that they have to deal with.

At this point, it is beyond burlesque; it’s pathological, it’s clinical, their inability and unwillingness to accurately describe things. The secret of decent, strong communication is specificity. Man got into the car and drove around the corner. The man got into a light gray Buick and drove around the corner, tells you more. Why can’t they say what specifically happened?

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