How Is Obama Not A Jew?

It’s hardly a mystery why Obama has enlisted in American Jewry’s enduring campaign to secularize the Torah. By shifting focus from faith in the Lord of Hosts – the particular – to temporal acts – the universal – Judaism becomes the apex of “tolerance.” Anyone can then enter and exit the synagogue of the liberal soul as his or her bleeding heart desires. Drive a hybrid vehicle. Presto, Jewish! Back raising the minimum wage. Voila, Jewish! Advocate for amnesty for “immigrants without legal status.” Shazam, Jewish! Make no mistake about it, by stripping Judaism of virtually all barriers to entry, the burden of standing for something is eluded and, thus, the possibility of offending is greatly diminished. Multiculturalism at its finest, comrades.

Despite this whole spiel, I hate to be the one to spoil the chummy slugfest underway. Yet the truth is that if conservatives want to take President Obama to task for likening himself to a Jew, then they better also take to task several million individuals in America who call themselves Jews. For there isn’t much daylight between the beliefs of the Oval Office’s current resident and those of the “chosen people” who loyally check “D” on their ballots every four years.

Jonathan Bronitsky is the founder and managing director of Gradis Group, LLC, a communications firm. His doctoral dissertation in History at the University of Cambridge examined the origins of neoconservatism. You can follow Jonathan on Twitter @jbronitsky and read his writings at jbronitsky.com.