On Crony Capitalism, Graham Breaks From GOP White House Rivals By Supporting It

In a final Hail Mary just before the Senate adjourned for Memorial Day recess last week, Graham was able to obstruct a vote on critical trade legislation granting President Obama trade promotion authority pending word from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) that he would bring Ex-Im reauthorization up for a vote. Graham stated on the Senate floor, “You are not going to get my vote for cloture or anything else this year until we get a vote on the Ex-Im Bank.” And McConnell acquiesced. While the future of the bank is still unclear, a vote will likely take place in the Senate in the coming weeks.

Senator Graham should seriously reconsider his stance on the Export-Import Bank as it exemplifies crony capitalism at is finest serving as a taxpayer-funded boon to Big Business. It’s high time to let the bank expire. South Carolinians just don’t need it.

David Williams is the president of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance