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EXCLUSIVE: Jewish Military Activist Accuses Christian Critic Of Libel

Tomlin denied being anti-Semitic and said he only mentioned Weinstein’s religion “because so many people interpret the MRFF as atheist.”

Right, except that Tomlin himself called the MRRF a group of atheists in the news article. So first he says they are godless, then he hastens to explain Weinstein is a Jew so nobody will think they are godless?

“If you can’t understand my answer, you have a problem,” he huffed.

But after being read his article that deemed them just that, he said, “this [the terminology] is something I could have done better.” But many MRRF endeavors are “atheist-like.”

Uh, isn’t that like saying Tomlin is not a liar but many of his statements are lies?

Regardless, Tomlin stood by his assertion that Weinstein stole Christmas, but expressed confidence that the First Amendment “would protect me as a journalist.”

He called Weinstein’s charges of anti-Semitism a “red herring” to detract attention from his misinterpretation of Department of Defense regulations.

Tomlin then volunteered to “sit down with Mr. Weinstein and discuss his views of military on separation of church and state. I have no ill will towards him. We just have different views on what separation of church and state means.”

The olive branch did not impress Weinstein, who was livid and said that Tomlin basically accused him of “playing the Jew card.”

“I want an apology, and I want an admission that the program is alive and well. Hey, my door is always open. I find it amazing that after he gets caught by a noted journalist in a fucking lie now suddenly he is saying I want to sit and talk?”

Ah, it is still 10 days until Thanksgiving, but the holiday cheer is already among us.