These 10 Celebrities Got Rich From Violent Movies, But They Hate The Second Amendment [SLIDESHOW]

Guns are a huge part of American history and culture. That is one of the big reason why guns are featured prominently in movies, but not all celebrities that got rich from violent movies are supporters of your Second Amendment rights.

These ten celebrities love making money from violent movies, and they also love gun control. (RELATED: 10 Movies Every Second Amendment Loving American Should See [SLIDESHOW])

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  • Sylvester Stallone killed plenty of people as Rambo, but he has advocated for a complete ban on handguns. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Clevver Movies)
  • Sean Connery made the Walther PPK pistol famous as James Bond, but he has supported banning guns if means saving children. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Movieclips)
  • Matt Damon became famous in part because of his role as Jason Bourne, but he has openly admitted that he hates guns. (Credit: Screenshot/ Youtube Joseph Boubou)
  • Mark Wahlberg has played a Marine sniper and a Navy SEAL in movies which featured plenty of killing. He has also said he's love it if America was gun free. (Credit: Screenshot/ Youtube VikiTrailers)
  • Liam Neeson kills plenty of people in the "Taken" series, but he has also launched into pro-gun control rants. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Screen Junkies)
  • Jeremy Renner was one of the leads in the ultra-violent movie "The Town." He has also appeared in a gun control ad after the Newtown shooting. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Christopher Kruce)
  • Jennifer Garner got famous after staring in the hit TV show "Alias" where she used guns to kill lots of people. She has also given her voice and celebrity status to pro-gun control causes. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube michael ushikishvili)
  • Jamie Fox appeared in a pro-gun control ad following the Newton shooting despite the fact he has starred in several violent movies. (Credit: Screenshot/ Youtube Mike Hunt)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger supports a ban on semi-automatic rifles despite using them in his movies. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube lrmarshalls)

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