The Daily Caller’s State Of The Union Drinking Game

Steve Guest | Media Reporter

Amid reports that the White House is frustrated that Obama’s State of the Union speeches don’t change public opinion, flatter the White House by forming a new opinion that Obama is at least a good drinking buddy. (RELATED: White House Frustrated That Obama’s SOTU Speeches Don’t Change Public Opinion)

Pick your beverage of choice depending on desired level of intoxication you want to achieve and settle down for a long night. As with previous Obama speeches, expect some criticism of the way you choose live your life. This drinking game is not for the faint of heart.  (RELATED: Obama Spends 27 Percent Of Speech Scolding Americans On Guns, Racism; 8 Percent On ISIS Threat)

In the following instances, take a drink if:

  • Obama pauses in search of applause
  • Every ten seconds of continuous applause
  • If Speaker Ryan applauds Obama before Joe Biden begins to clap
  • Obama criticizes Republicans
  • Obama criticizes Congress
  • Obama criticizes Americans
  • Every time Obama refers to a guest of First Lady Michelle Obama
  • Anytime you feel your “hope” is lacking in Obama
  • Anytime you feel you are losing your buzz
  • Anytime someone kisses Nancy Pelosi

And for our seasoned imbibers, finish your drink if:

While Obama exits the House Chambers, finish your glass.


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