The Daily Caller’s State Of The Union Drinking Game

Amid reports that the White House is frustrated that Obama’s State of the Union speeches don’t change public opinion, flatter the White House by forming a new opinion that Obama is at least a good drinking buddy. (RELATED: White House Frustrated That Obama’s SOTU Speeches Don’t Change Public Opinion)

Pick your beverage of choice depending on desired level of intoxication you want to achieve and settle down for a long night. As with previous Obama speeches, expect some criticism of the way you choose live your life. This drinking game is not for the faint of heart.  (RELATED: Obama Spends 27 Percent Of Speech Scolding Americans On Guns, Racism; 8 Percent On ISIS Threat)

In the following instances, take a drink if:

  • Obama pauses in search of applause
  • Every ten seconds of continuous applause
  • If Speaker Ryan applauds Obama before Joe Biden begins to clap
  • Obama criticizes Republicans
  • Obama criticizes Congress
  • Obama criticizes Americans
  • Every time Obama refers to a guest of First Lady Michelle Obama
  • Anytime you feel your “hope” is lacking in Obama
  • Anytime you feel you are losing your buzz
  • Anytime someone kisses Nancy Pelosi

And for our seasoned imbibers, finish your drink if:

While Obama exits the House Chambers, finish your glass.


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