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If You Love Guns You Need To Watch These YouTube Channels [SLIDESHOW]

Social media has done a lot to spread knowledge about gun rights and the Second Amendment, and no platform has more information for gun enthusiasts than YouTube.

YouTube is full of different information for somebody looking to get a little more gun knowledge; everything from gun reviews to blowing stuff up to commentary on gun control can easily be found. (RELATED: These Politicians Are The Biggest Enemy To Your Second Amendment Rights [SLIDESHOW])

A handful of channels stand out above the rest as being the most informative for people who believe in the Second Amendment. (RELATED: These 10 Celebrities Got Rich From Violent Movies, But They Hate The Second Amendment [SLIDESHOW])

These are the best pro-gun channels on YouTube. (RELATED: 10 Movies Every Second Amendment Loving American Should See [SLIDESHOW])

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  • Iraqveteran8888: This channel offers great gun reviews, but what makes it the best gun channel on YouTube is the "Gun Gripes" series where Chad and Eric sit and gripe about dumb gun laws and many other things. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Iraqveteran8888)
  • Hickok45: He has the steadiest hand on all of YouTube, and he offers great gun reviews of new and old guns. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube hickok45)
  • 22plinkster: This channel deals mostly in .22 LR. 22plinkster runs several cool tests to see what material different bullets can go through. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube 22plinkster)
  • Military Arms Channel: A great channel for up to the minute reviews for the best guns on the market. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Military Arms Channel)
  • The Late Boy Scout: A great resource for gun reviews and reviews for lots of other outdoor gear including knives. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube The Late Boy Scout)
  • nutnfancy: One of the most in depth channels on Youtube. The viewer gets extremely thorough and honest gun reviews. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube nutnfancy)
  • FPSRussia: He is one of the most popular gun guys on the planet, and it's for a great reason. FPSRussia sports a fake accent while he blows stuff up with the coolest guns you'll ever see. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube FPSRussia)
  • DemolitionRanch: A great channel for gun reviews and awesome shooting. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube DemolitionRanch)
  • Colion Noir: Noir speaks a lot about gun control issues, and is a rising star with the NRA crowd. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Colion Noir)
  • TheYankeeMarshal: A great channel that incorporates humor, politics, and gun reviews. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube TheYankeeMarshal)

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