Hillary Clinton Calls For Democratic Debate In Flint, Mich

Just after Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders agreed to have four more debates, the Clinton campaign is now calling for one of them to be held in Flint, Mich., a city hit by a contaminated water crisis.

Clinton has brought up the crisis in Flint several times on the campaign trail. She even claimed in a January debate that a campaign aide of hers and a TV appearance had prompted action by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder. (RELATED: Hillary: To Help Flint, I Sent A Campaign Rep And Appeared On TV [VIDEO])

“So I sent my top campaign aide down there to talk to the mayor of Flint, to be see what I could do to help,” said Clinton. She added: “And I issued a statement about what we needed to do, and then I went on a TV show, and I said it was outrageous that the governor hadn’t acted, and within two hours, he had.”

Snyder in response said, “politicizing the issue doesn’t help matters.”

Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta calling for a debate in Flint in a statement Saturday and echoed this idea that Hillary’s actions have led to a response in Michigan.”The water crisis in Flint is unconscionable. It’s been going on for years, as the people of Flint repeatedly asked for help and were ignored by state government. As Hillary has said, this would not have happened in a wealthy community. It was only when the crisis was finally brought to national attention that real steps were taken,” Podesta said. (RELATED: Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders Agree To Four More Debates)

This isn’t the first crisis Hillary has taken advantage of. The Clinton campaign has previously called for gun control in the middle of the San Bernardino terrorist attack.