Hillary Surrogate Tries To Spin ‘Top Secret’ Emails, Gets Schooled On The Law

Jennifer Granholm, the former Michigan governor who oversaw the collapse of the auto industry and its subsequent taxpayer bailout, attempted to spin Hillary Clinton’s latest controversy — that some of her emails contained classified information “too damaging” to national security they can never be released.

Using a time-tested Clinton tactic of blaming the accuser, Granholm claimed “the emails were NOT marked classified when she sent or received them,” adding that Republicans “are frothing at nothing, as usual,” and Hillary “did NOT create them.”

But whether they were “marked classified” has no bearing on them being classified and holds no legal weight, as Twitter users were quick to point this out to Granholm, now a professor of law. As secretary of state it was Clinton’s duty to know if material was classified or not.

After her two terms as governor of Michigan, Granholm quickly left the state for a job in California as a professor at the University of California at Berkley.