These Are The Greatest Movies About Killing Nazis [SLIDESHOW]

There are several famous movies about World War II and the fight against the Axis powers.

The European theater of World War II has produced some of the most famous war movies ever made. (RELATED: These Are The Greatest Movies About Killing Terrorists [SLIDESHOW])

Here are the greatest movies about killing Nazis. (RELATED: 10 Movies Every Second Amendment Loving American Should See [SLIDESHOW])

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  • Enemy At The Gates tells the true story of dueling snipers during the Battle of Stalingrad. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Movieclips)
  • Band of Brothers is the incredible true story about a company of paratroopers from D-Day until the end of the war. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube inflam3s)
  • Fury is a fictionalized tale of a tank commander hunting Nazis. (Credit: Screenshot/ Youtube JoBlo Movie Trailers)
  • Where Eagles Dare stars Clint Eastwood on a daring rescue mission of an American prisoner during WWII. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Movieclips Trailer Vault)
  • Inglourious Basterds is a fictional WWII story that ranks up lots of dead Nazis. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Movieclips Trailer Vault)
  • The Dirty Dozen is loosely based on a real American unit designed to assassinate Nazi targets. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Movieclips Trailer Vault)
  • The Big Red One follows a small unit of American soldiers as they fight their way through Africa and Europe. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube marianomorita)
  • Saving Private Ryan stars Tom Hanks on mission to find Private Ryan. Lots of Nazis and German soldiers die in this bloody film. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube harveyknowsbest)
  • Patton follows the legendary WWII actions of General Patton. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube 20th Century Fox)
  • Memphis Belle tells the story of a bombing crew on their final mission of WWII. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube warnervoduk)
  • Kelly's Heroes follows a group of American soldiers trying to steal some Nazi loot. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Movieclips Trailer Vault)
  • Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark stars Harrison Ford as he tries to stop the Nazis from getting to the Ark of the Covenant. Lots of Nazis die. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Brock Chandler)
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is also about stopping the Nazis, and again lots of them die. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Noble Treize)
  • The Great Escape doesn't feature lots of Nazis dying, but the film does feature the true story of the most daring prisoner escape attempt during WWII. (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube 43shen)

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