Hillary Clinton Wins Louisiana Democratic Primary

Alex Pfeiffer | White House Correspondent

Hillary Clinton has won the Louisiana primary, marking yet another victory for the Democrat front-runner in the South.

With 78 percent of the vote reported, Clinton is leading Sen. Bernie Sanders 70 percent to 24 percent.

Clinton was heavily favorited in the state, FiveThirtyEight had given her more than a 99 percent chance to win there.

In the days leading up to Saturday the Clinton campaign made a strong push to support her. Bill Clinton made an appearance for Hillary on Friday morning in Baton Rouge, and Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards announced yesterday that he had voted for the former secretary of state.

Hillary has been dominant in the South so far this race having won in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. The heavy black population in this area and her strong support among the demographic has certainly helped her.

Sen. Bernie Sanders lacked the endorsements and institutional support Clinton had in Louisiana and held his last rally in the state on July 26.

The state has 59 delegates, which are awarded proportionally. Of those 59, six are super delegates which have already pledged their support to Clinton. (RELATED: Here’s The Latest Delegate Count For Republicans, Democrats After Super Tuesday)


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