Today’s The Day Your Lights Get Smart

Jack Kocsis | Director of Commerce

You know what is annoying? Turning things on and off. Ever wonder why the light switch always seems to be on the wall farthest from where you’re sitting? (I do, all the time).

With a smart switch, however, you never have to worry about that. You can turn lights and appliances on and off using nothing but your phone (or, by commanding Alexa, if you have an Amazon Echo). And today, the #1 best selling smart switch is 54 percent off. Normally $50, the Wemo Switch Smart Plug can be had today only for just $22.99.

You can save $27 on this popular smart plug (Photo via Amazon)

You can save $27 on this popular smart plug (Photo via Amazon)

Wemo Switch Smart Plug on sale for $22.99

Check out the ease and simplicity of the app:

This is awesome (Photo via Amazon)

This is awesome (Photo via Amazon)

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