FLASHBACK: Terminally Ill Miss Wisconsin Recalls The Time Trump ‘Gave Me The Coat Off His Back’ [VIDEO]

Melissa Young told Fox Business’ Stuart Varney Friday about a time that Donald Trump literally gave her the “coat off his back.”


“What I’m really asking about is the accusers,” the Fox Business host posed to the former Miss Wisconsin. “Yes it’s opportunistic that they’re coming forward at this point. do you not believe them?” (VIDEO: Former Miss Wisconsin Thanks Trump For Helping Her Through Her ‘Darkest Hour’)

“I don’t find it to be credible,” Young responded. “He was nothing but an absolute gentleman. Then in recent days, all the past 11 years, my relationship with Mr. Trump — I’ve had moments alone where I see the greatest thing ever. Nothing inappropriate”.

“On April 4, he was here at a rally in Wisconsin, in Milwaukee,” she responded. “It was cold. He was leading the rally. His secret service got him out to the car. They couldn’t stop. He looks over at me and sees I’m freezing cold and goes over and hands his long, black jacket to his secret service to put over me.”

“They put the jacket over my body,” Young told Varney. “This is a man who isn’t thinking about his safety in the moment. There’s no cameras around. He was thinking about me. He was being a gentleman. I guess you could say it this way, he gave me the coat off his back. That’s the Mr. Trump that I know.”

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