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Olby Is Not Taking This Well

I’ve already written about Keith Olbermann twice in the past two weeks, which seems like a bit much. But as one of the curators of KeithOlbermann.com, the world’s largest source of news and commentary about Keith Olbermann, I am duty-bound to make a note of the following outburst.

Ladies and gentlemen, the loyal opposition:

I know, right? But hey, every minute Keith spends melting down on Twitter is a minute he’s not working on his next stentorian six-minute podcast rant.

Not to contradict a veteran newsman like Keith, but Obama knew about the Russian hackers and did nothing. That cognitive dissonance is what’s making Keith even more of a fussy baby than usual.

If it took the election of Donald Trump to convince people like Keith Olbermann to finally start taking Russia seriously, then that’s just another silver lining to add to the playbook.