Celine Dion And 7 Other Celebrities Who Are Refusing To Perform At Donald Trump’s Inauguration [SLIDESHOW]

Donald Trump is about to become the 45th president of the United States, but his transition team has reportedly been turned down by a bevy of celebrities who refuse to perform at his inauguration.

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  • Though a member of Trump's transition team said Elton John would perform, his publicist later said it was "incorrect." "He will NOT be performing.” (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Garth Brooks was approached about performing the inauguration, but ultimately declined an offer. (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Gene Simmons's wife said the group was asked to attend but declined. "I think people should get over it and move on," Simmons later tweeted. "He's our president and that's it, end of story." (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Andrea Bocelli reportedly backed out after he received backlash for signing on to Trump's inauguration. (Photo: Getty Images)
  • One member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir quit after she found out that the group was required to perform at the inauguration. (Photo: Getty Images)
  • Though there were rumors Katy Perry had been invited to perform at Trump's inauguration, it's safe to say she won't be there because Perry was one of Hillary Clinton's biggest supporters throughout the campaign. (Photo: Getty Images)