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I Don’t Know Who Bobbi Jean Is But This Forged Chef Knife By Her Is Almost 70 Percent Off

Here I was, living all my life thing thinking “Bobby Jean” was just a Bruce Springsteen song. I was wrong. Apparently Bobbi Jean is also some person who makes knives or forges knives or sells knives. I don’t really know actually. But she (I assume it’s a she because of the spelling) has an 8-inch chef knife for sale for under $20 today. So whoever he/she is (I read somewhere that The Boss wrote the song about Steve Van Zandt).

Normally $60, this chef knife is 68 percent off right now (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $60, this chef knife is 68 percent off right now (Photo via Amazon)

Forged Chef Knife by Bobbi Jean’s, 8-inch Stainless Steel Sharp Blade with Gift Box on sale for $18.97

My guess is this knife has nothing to do with Bruce Springsteen but maybe it does. At this price, might as well get it as long as there is any chance The Boss is in some way involved.

WATCH Bruce Springsteen’s “Bobby Jean“:

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