Report: Obama Will Likely Take Shots At Trump In Farewell Address

Peter Hasson | Reporter

President Barack Obama is expected to take veiled shots at Donald Trump in his farewell address, CNN is reporting.

One “Obama loyalist” claims that Obama will give “admonitions about the challenges we face moving forward,” which CNN’s John King report “will likely be squarely aimed at President-elect Donald Trump.” Among other things, King notes that Obama hype the importance of America’s diversity during the address.

Obama has previously hinted that he may disregard the example set by his predecessor, former president George W. Bush, and speak out during Trump’s presidency.

During an interview with David Axelrod, his former White House adviser who now works for CNN, Obama said he “might just weigh in” on “some foundational issues about our democracy” if he feels it is needed. (RELATED: Obama ‘Might Just Weigh In’ On Issues During Trump Presidency)

Obama also said that he wants to the build the next generation of progressive “leadership” — including organizers, journalists and politicians — after he leaves office.

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