Waitress Claims Couple Left Racist Message Instead Of A Tip

Amber Randall | Civil Rights Reporter

A black waitress at a Mexican restaurant claimed to be the victim of a racist attack from her customers Saturday morning.

Kelly Carter, the waitress, maintained that a white couple ate their breakfast at Anita’s and left a racist message instead of a tip on their breakfast receipt, reports Fox 5 DC.

“Great service don’t tip black people,” the receipt reads. The couple spent about $30 on their breakfast and appeared to be in their twenties, Carter claimed.

“I looked at the receipt three times is what I did because I was shocked because I’ve never been a server and seen that,” Carter said.

Tom Tellez, the owner of the restaurant, called the couple’s alleged actions “appalling” and “disheartening.”

The local NAACP chapter also rushed to condemn the alleged attack, declaring that actions like those would not be tolerated and posting a photo of the receipt with the caption, “Hatred will not be tolerated and we will not keep quiet.”

Other reports of similar incidents involving waitresses have turned out to be hoaxes. Gay waitress Dayna Morales from a New Jersey restaurant claimed that a couple refused to tip her because she was gay. The couple later showed a copy of their receipt showing an $18 tip. (RELATED: The True ‘We Only Tip Citizens’ Story Is Complicated, And Virtually Everyone Got It Dead Wrong)

In another instance, a Red Lobster waitress wrongly accused a customer of writing “nigger” on the receipt. A handwriting expert concluded that it was unlikely the man wrote the slur.

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