Happy 7th Birthday, Daily Caller!


Just a quick personal note to commemorate a date I fondly remember: January 11, 2010. That’s the day the Daily Caller launched.

Well, I almost remember. Due to the nature of daily blogging and human aging and the one or two beers I’ve had since that day, it’s all kind of a blur. But I know I was there, and I’m proud of what this site has accomplished over the past 7 years. (Well, except the “Obama Eats Dogs” garbage. Whose idea was that, anyway?) A lot of people said the Caller wouldn’t last a year, and now it’s old enough to tie its own shoes and walk to school all by itself. I think most 2nd-graders can do that, anyway.

Thanks to everybody who’s been reading me since day 1, and thanks to everybody who’s jumped on board since then. I’ve never had a plan for any of this. I just say what I think and feel, and I hope it comes out in some halfway-intelligible form. Thank you for reading. I appreciate your indulgence, and I really need a nap.

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