Kellyanne Conway Was Grilled By Seth Meyers About Allegations That Russia Has Dirt On Trump


Kellyanne Conway said reports that Russia has compromising information about the president-elect are unsubstantiated.

(Photo: YouTube screen grab)

(Photo: YouTube screen grab)

Donald Trump’s senior adviser was asked if she could “confirm or comment on the fact that the intelligence community has presented” the classified report to Donald Trump when she was a guest on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” Tuesday.

“Well guess what hasn’t happened, Seth,” Conway said during her 13-minute interview. “Nobody has sourced it. They’re all unnamed, unspoken sources in the story and it says it was based on a Russian investigator to begin with.”


“I think it was based on an MI6 British investigator,” Meyers said.

“Right, well one of those,” Conway replied. “And then it said that it also may have originated with a Russian investigator. It also says that Hillary Clinton and groups that wanted Hillary Clinton to win may have been behind the investigations themselves. And, most importantly, it says that the FBI is trying to confirm it. So nothing’s been confirmed.”

“And I have to say as an American citizen, regardless of your party or if you don’t like politics at all, which are many Americans, we should be concerned that intelligence officials leak to the press and won’t go and tell the president-elect or the president of the United States himself now, Mr. Obama, what the information is. They would rather go tell the press.

“But the press report was about them going to the president,” Meyers pressed.

“And it says that they never briefed him on it, that they appended two pages to the bottom of his intelligence report,” Conway said.

“I believe it said that they did brief him on it,” Meyers said.

“Well, he has said that he is not aware of that,” Conway answered.

“That concerns me,” Meyers said.

“It’s not fair and it’s not true,” Conway said. (RELATED: Report: Kellyanne Conway Struggling To Find Private School In D.C. For Her Children)

“What’s not fair? That I’m concerned?” Meyers asked. “I assure you I am.”

“It’s not fair that people don’t give him his due,” Conway said. “He received an intelligence briefing. He made comments about it afterward. And I have to tell you there wasn’t very compelling information in terms of the nexus that people like to make between alleged hacking and the election results. Vladimir Putin didn’t tell Hillary Clinton to ignore Michigan and Wisconsin. She did that all by herself.”

“I am not going to sit and argue with you that the Clinton campaign was a well-run campaign,” Meyers said.

“Or that the Russians interfered in the election successfully. That they interrupted our democracy,” Conway said.

“But shouldn’t we care if the Russians tried to interfere?” Meyers asked. “Whether it informed the election or not. I sometimes fear that the president-elect has no curiosity as to the amount they tried.”

“That is completely false,” Conway said. “He has enormous curiosity. I’m there every day with him. He has a number of different meetings every day — briefings and otherwise. He was curious enough to figure out America. He knew America when many other Republicans did not.” (RELATED: Kellyanne Conway: White House Will Have ‘Great Deal Of Press Availability’)

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