Trump Puts Companies On Notice: Outsource At Your Own Peril

President-elect Donald Trump put companies on notice during his first press conference in months Wednesday, asserting companies that plan to build in Mexico should expect a big border tax.

“The word is now out,” Trump said in response to a question about his propensity to call major corporations to discuss potential outsourcing, “that when you want to move your plant to Mexico or some other place … you’re going to pay a big border tax.”

“Not gonna happen that way anymore,” he promised.

Trump cited Carrier and Ford as examples of where his intervention made a difference.

“They were gone,” Trump said in regards to 1,000 jobs that the president-elect along with the Vice President-elect Mike Pence stepped in to save from outsourcing. (RELATED: Trump, Pence Visit Carrier Plant)

Trump spoke directly to companies that have plans to build in Mexico or elsewhere, promising to penalize companies that, “want to move to another country and fire all of our great American workers that got you there in the first place.” (RELATED: Trump Calls Out Toyota For Plans To Build In Mexico)

“You can move from Michigan to Tennessee and to North Carolina to South Carolina,” Trump explained. “You got a lot of places you can move, and I don’t care, as long as its within the borders of the United States.”

“There will be a major border tax on these companies that are leaving, and getting away with murder,” Trump continued.

He asserted that if “our politicians had what it takes, this would have been done years ago,” before moving on to the next question.

Trump held his first press conference since his election to the presidency Wednesday morning, where he fielded a wide range of questions ranging from Obamacare to the unverified report regarding his ties to Russia.

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