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How Many ‘Antifa’ Guys Still Live With Their Mommies?

As you watch all these lefties who are freaking out all over the place, smashing windows and burning stuff and assaulting people for disagreeing with them, you probably ask the same things I do: “What’s wrong with these children? How do they tie their own shoes? How do they feed themselves? Do they still live with their moms?”

Answer: Probably! Kieran Corcoran, Heat Street:

Research found that 92% of those suspected of violent crimes at Left-leaning demonstrations still share their home with their parents.

The study was carried out with data from Germany, and published in the German tabloid BILD – so results may vary compared to other Western activists.

Good point. Presumably, here in the States the percentage is even higher.

In other news you already knew, most of these winners are single males between 18-29 years old, and one-third of them are unemployed. The other two-thirds can make you a latte, but you probably don’t want to drink it.

(Hat tip: Dana Loesch)