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Chris Evans Won’t Let Hollywood Silence His Deeply Held Liberal Beliefs

Out of all the disturbing changes we’ve seen in America during the first two months of the Trump presidency, the most troubling is the sudden silencing of dissent. All across this once-great land, people are terrified to speak out against the tyrant who rules them, for fear that he’ll throw them into internment camps like FDR did. In 2017, we’re basically North Korea with Netflix.

Nowhere is this more true than in Hollywood, California. Tinseltown is terrified to oppose Trump. Our beloved stars of stage and screen know what will happen to them if they speak out. They know the consequences, and they’ve been cowed into submission. All of them.

All but one. His name is Chris Evans, and he doesn’t just play Captain America. He is Captain America.

Maximillian Potter (seriously), Esquire:

Evans has made, and continues to make, his political views known on Twitter. He tweeted that Trump ought to “stop energizing lies,” and he recently ended up in a heated Twitter debate with former KKK leader David Duke over Trump’s pick of Jeff Sessions for attorney general. Duke baselessly accused Evans of being anti-Semitic; Evans encouraged Duke to try love: “It’s stronger than hate. It unites us. I promise it’s in you under the anger and fear.” Making political statements and engaging in such public exchanges is a rather risky thing for the star of Captain America to do. Yes, advisors have said as much to him. “Look, I’m in a business where you’ve got to sell tickets,” he says. “But, my God, I would not be able to look at myself in the mirror if I felt strongly about something and didn’t speak up. I think it’s about how you speak up. We’re allowed to disagree. If I state my case and people don’t want to go see my movies as a result, I’m okay with that.”

I can’t think of anything braver than a multimillionaire Hollywood actor speaking out against David Duke. Finally!

We may never see your like again, Chris Evans. Stay strong, brother. The stakes are high. People will continue to be mean to you on Twitter, and your non-Marvel movies will continue to be met with ambivalence by the American moviegoing public. Why, Trump himself might even tweet that you’re “sad” and your movies are “bombs, not entertaining.” Few of us can even imagine such hardships. Few can summon such bravery.

Also, the wig looks good, man. Nobody can tell, really.